Is Your Superannuation Structured Effectively for Your Needs?

At Prime Tax Experts, we have superannuation specialists who provide detailed advice and assistance to trustees, accountants, financial planners and other advisers on all superannuation-related matters. Our advice is practical and hands-on, based on our extensive experience in the accounting, audit, taxation and financial planning aspects of superannuation.

Our specialist superannuation teams work across these fields to provide you with a total solution.

There are a number of key areas of superannuation that need your attention to ensure that you have the best approach in place and that your super is working at full capacity. Legislative compliance and superannuation legislation is a complex area.

We provide fund trustees with assistance in navigating the superannuation environment, to ensure that your fund remains up-to-date and that it poses no risks to your current situation.

We advise on compliance with superannuation legislation in the following areas:

  • • Eligibility for contributions
  • • Tax deductibility of contributions
  • • Eligibility for benefit payments
  • • Taxation of benefit payments
  • • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • • Permitted investments
  • • Use of related unit trusts
  • • Appropriate documentation
  • • Review of financial statements, member statements, investment strategy, trustee minutes and working papers
  • • Reports on any deficiencies or omissions
  • • Recommendations on remedial action
  • • Assistance to ensure future compliance Assistance with Australian Tax Office reviews/audits of funds Assistance to fund trustees who may have breached the legislation, including development of a rectification program and liaison with the ATO
  • • Retirement and planning

We provide you with advice on the structure of your SMSF to ensure that benefits are secure in the accumulation and income stream phase, and that on your death they are directed to your beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes.

We provide recommendations on, and review of fund structures:

  • • Admission of new member documentation
  • • Fund administration
  • • Wind-up of SMSFs
  • • Trust deed reviews
  • • Benefit payments, including: Lump sum withdrawals Pension commencements
  • • Death benefits

As part of our overall compliment of superannuation solutions, we can offer you assistance with the following services:

  • • Self managed superannuation funds
  • • Superannuation consulting services
  • • Superannuation risk services

If you are managing your own superannuation fund and would like advice on how we can ensure this is benefiting your situation, or this is something you are looking into and would like more information, please call us today on 02 9369 1623 or make an appointment.