Private Lending

Private Lenders Offer More Flexibility and Less Requirements …

Prime Tax Experts is a lending facilitator of direct private loans for businesses in Australia. Unlike conventional lenders, our investors consider applications from people with excellent and even poor credit.

By definition, private lenders are individuals but can be family offices, mortgage fund managers etc who advance money for business purposes. They often serve as flexible providers of capital or risk products, offering specialist credit facilities to borrowers requiring funds from non-bank lenders.

Our mission is to assist all clients with tailored financial solutions that best fit their commercial needs and existing circumstances.

A broad variety of clients have benefited from our private lending arrangements. Here are numerous situations and examples of when private lending is best utilised:

  • • Small Business Loans
  • • First Registered Mortgages
  • • No Guarantor Loans
  • • Restructure Finance
  • • Bridging Loans
  • • Unsecured Personal Loans
  • • Investment Finance
  • • Commercial Property Mortgages
  • • Lo-Doc Loans
  • • Rescue Finance
  • • Loans for Unemployed
  • • Mezzanine Finance
  • • Loans for Bad Credit
  • • Personal Loans
  • • Development Finance
  • • Caveat Loans
  • • Asset Lending
  • • Second Registered Mortgages
  • • Acquisition Finance
  • • Default Refinances
  • • Construction Finance
  • • Residual Stock Loans
  • • Tax Debt Loans
  • • Preferred Equity
  • • Deposit Financing
  • • Cash Flow Lending
  • • Foreign Non-Resident Mortgages
  • • Short Term Loans
  • • Debt Consolidation Finance
  • • SMSF Lending

People with good credit are often accepted, but borrowers with bad credit are often granted the same choice. Prime Tax Experts gives clients the ability to boost their credit scores and open up more borrowing possibilities in the future.

Our experts will walk you through the whole process, ensure you have all of the required loan information, documents and we only recommend private non-bank financiers that you are most likely to be accepted for.

Private Loan Investments

Private financing is one of the most undervalued investment markets available. Many people invest in real estate or own an investment property, but just a limited number invest in real estate-backed property. That’s the real opportunity. To put it another way, only a hand full of investors know that you can "be the bank."

At Prime Tax Experts, we are committed to safeguarding the unique needs of both investor and borrower are met in each and every transaction. And most importantly, when they prosper, you do as well.

Our specialists have many years of business lending expertise and knowledge, as well as experience in the property sector. This helps to ensure we know how to originate commercial transactions that are beneficial, dependable and sure to produce the best outcomes.

If you would like to discuss your loan enquiry or investor requirements today or would like to make an appointment please give us a call on 02 9369 1623 or send us an enquiry and one of our team will get back to you.