Government Grants R&D

Need to Access Government Grants, Funding For a Business or Tax Incentives?

We collaborate with forward-thinking companies of all sizes, delivering a variety of Innovation and Research and Development (R&D) solutions tailored to each level of business development.

The Australian Government, every year provides funds to companies in the form of Grants. These Grants total billions, and are assigned to many diverse businesses. If you own a start-up or an established company, there's a fair chance you'll qualify for one of these Grants, but you'll need to know which ones are available and how to apply for them. At Prime Tax Experts, we can help you to locate a Grant for your company.

We provide specialised grant services to different bodies in Federal and State Government Departments, and our services include:

  • • Small Business Advisory Services (SBAS)
  • • R&D Tax Incentives
  • • Venture Capital Limited Partnerships Program (VCLP)
  • • Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme (EPBS)
  • • Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund (REVC)
  • • Medical Device Fund (MDF)
  • • Commercialisation Grants
  • • Advanced Development and Market Fund
  • • Low Carbon Australia (LCA)
  • • Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme
  • • Space Concession
  • • Exports Market Development Grants (EMDG)
  • • Indigenous Grants & Subsidies
  • • Accelerating Commercialisation
  • • Climate Grants
  • • Duty Drawback Scheme
  • • Cooperative Research Centre's (CRC)
  • • Manufacturing Grants
  • • Emerging Renewables Program (ERP)
  • • Innovation and R&D Grants
  • • Tech Vouchers
  • • Collaboration Solutions Program (CSP)
  • • Export Finance Insurance Corporation (EFIC)
  • • National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
  • • Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM)
  • • Tradex Scheme
  • • Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program
  • • Ethanol Production Grants (EPG)

Our team has extensive expertise and results in R&D Tax Claims, obtaining Government Grants, and accessing investment capital for companies in a variety of sectors, including: technology, agribusiness, minerals, TMT, bioscience, medical, commodities, fisheries and renewables.

We will help you determine which grants are appropriate for your company's requirements, as well as offer thorough support and oversight of your grant application, planning and documentation needed, such as business plans, working capital, financial modelling and all other requirements you may have.

If you would like to discuss your application suitability today or would like to make an appointment please give us a call on 02 9369 1623 or send us an enquiry and one of our team will get back to you.