Business Valuations

Need a Business Valuation?

There are a variety of situations when you would need an impartial specialist to do a valuation. Incorporation, probate, divorce, transition of ownership, buy-out of an existing shareholder, and a variety of other events are among them. At Prime Tax Exerts, we have a lot of experience estimating how much your company is worth in today's economy.

Our seasoned team will provide you with an impartial calculation based on rigorous valuation methodologies and a clear opinion of the subject company, assets, the industry and all that it entails.

Valuations are required for numerous situations, including:

  • • Business Sale
  • • Probate for Estate
  • • Business Purchases
  • • Commercial Disputes
  • • Business Mergers
  • • Insurance Approvals
  • • Share Options
  • • CGT on Sale or Gift
  • • Inheritance Assessment
  • • IPO Preparation
  • • Business Restructuring
  • • Divorce Settlement
  • • Taxation Calculations
  • • Purchase Price Allocation
  • • Credit Approvals
  • • Demerger Transactions
  • • Intellectual Property
  • • Business Carve-Outs
  • • Sale & Purchase Agreements
  • • Partnership Break-Ups
  • • Debt Collection
  • • Asset Transfer
  • • Intangible Assets
  • • Shareholder Disputes

A valuation undertaking is often performed as part of a pending transaction, assessment or prior to purchasing, selling or insuring an asset.

There are several valuation methods that can be utilised such as: discounted cash flows, EBITDA multiples, the Capital Asset Pricing Model, Net Present Value method, Price-to-Earnings models, Going Concern valuations, Goodwill, and Asset Values to mention a few.

If you need a intangible asset review or company valuation report, you'll want it done by a specialist you can rely upon, with a track record and the experience in this complex field.

If you would like to discuss your requirements today or would like to make an appointment please give us a call on 02 9369 1623 or send us an enquiry and one of our team will get back to you.